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6-night all inclusive cruise onboard our casual luxury barge in Bordeaux's region

An unforgettable week of making connections with our cousins and the barge team! A truly unique and life changing, life affirming experience!! If one looks up the word “perfection” – this canal, this barge, the itinerary, of course the gastronomy, the wine but most of all Peter, Wendy & Minnis defines it!

M & G, the United States

6-night all inclusive cruise onboard our casual luxury barge in Bordeaux's region

What a week! Hard to find words to describe the wonderful experience we all had. The crew could not have been nicer, the food was extraordinary, the tours interesting and the wines superb! Thanks for a lasting memory of our 50th anniversary.

C & B

6-night all inclusive cruise onboard our casual luxury barge through the Gascony region

There was nothing not to love about this trip. We feel as if we have been on a floating fine dining restaurant all week. The food, the wine, the table decorations/settings, all outstanding. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all, wonderful memories. Best wishes,  

S & L, Australia

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"This platform is built from the love for cruising the rivers on beautiful barges and wanting to share this unique experience. Before managing 'Book a river trip', I was active as a riverboat owner myself. I also listed my own cruise on this nice platform." Marc, manager at Bookarivertrip.com


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We believe that where you stay and what you do is part of your holiday experience, not just the destination. We are proud to share our unique selection of boats, ships, barges and yachts with you. They can be booked to make river cruises with a duration of a few days to 1 or 2 weeks. Each and every one of the barges and cruises we offer are unique and will surely contribute to an unforgettable holiday.

The options are endless. Ever thought of a river barge cruise in France, Germany or Holland? Each of these countries offers a wide variety of suitable river cruises. All taking place in some of the most beautiful and environmentally rich regions of these countries. Experiencing your holiday from the water, on your floating hotel, is nothing like anything you've ever done before.


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Pick your holiday destination region, book a river cruise and be welcome aboard! If you have any questions, special requests or need some customization, our personal cruise manager will help you directly. Your wishes are our pleasure.

River cruises Canal-du-Midi River cruises in the Burgundy Region


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We are specialized in river cruises and we offer the widest selection of amazing riverboat rentals around the world. At Bookarivertrip.com you're sure to find the largest variety of hand-picked river holiday cruises.

From wonderfully renovated traditional ships to the most modern and newly built barges. Each owner put together one or more cruise options. These will bring you to a new place every day. Discover the country’s countryside and historic cities while sleeping in the comfort of a very luxurious riverboat, or floating hotel.

Paying for your holiday is done via this website and is very simple and 100% safe. We offer a wide variety of payment methods per country. Furthermore, customer care is of paramount importance to us! That is why you will have one of our specialists available to customize your trip, answer your questions and make sure that what you want to book is what you will get. Only the best is enough.


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Choosing the right cruise can be quite a challenge, as it is something you probably haven't done that often before. Therefore, we offer our Sailor Taylor Service: tell us your needs and we will send you a handpicked selection of options.

 Just send a message to support@bookarivertrip.com or use our contact form and share your requirements with us: which dates, how many guests and the type of holiday you want to have (romantic, foody, cultural, adventurous, you name it!).

We look forward to find you the best river cruise possible for your next trip!


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* Really great support before, during and after your stay.
* We know river cruises (we ourselves live on riverboats) and love to share our experience.
* Pay in 2 terms, most owners offer a 36-64% payment scheme.
* Booking is easy, safe and simple - a great way to start your cruising holiday.
* Custom advise with our 'Sailor Taylor' service.

Thank you for your trust in us!
And wherever you go: we wish you an unforgettable cruise down the river!

Marc manager of book a river trip

Captain Marc

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Explore the heart of France by boat in Northern and Southern Burgundy

Explore the heart of France by boat in Northern and Southern Burgundy

Burgundy is famous for its gorgeous countryside and historic French heritage. Exploring the rural scenery by boat it an amazing way to experience the surprising and various landscapes of Burgundy. Sail along the many waterways and explore the region where nature and culture come together.   Northern Burgundy The Northern part of the region is defined by two rivers: the Loire and Yonne. But Northern Burgundy has much more to offer than these two stunning rivers!   Get enchanted during a river cruise through the Burgundy region.   Canal de Briare The River Loire is being bridged by Canal de Briare. This canal bridge is surrounded by 72 lampposts and decorated pilasters and is since 1976 a protected monument. Canal de Briare ends in the city of Montargis. In this city, Canal de Briare, Canal du Loing, and Canal d’Orléans come together. Montargis is called the Venice of Gâtinais; the French region in which the city is located. You can explore the beautiful buildings along the waterside by

Canal du Midi: a dazzling canal through the South of France

Canal du Midi: a dazzling canal through the South of France

Explore the South of France in a unique way by cruising Canal du Midi. This canal, designed and built by Pierre-Paul Riquet in 1662 until 1681, can be found with a good reason on the Unesco world heritage list. The 240 km long canal starts in Étang de Thau, a hidden lagoon behind the port of Sète and ends in Toulouse, where it is connected to the Canal de Garonne. After the opening of the canal in 1681, it still can be perceived as French civil engineering at its finest. The long canal contains 91 locks and several aqueducts where the canal crosses rivers.   This winding canal will take you from the Atlantic side of France to the Mediterranean side of the country. A boat trip on Canal du Midi is the perfect opportunity to explore the gorgeous, versatile and impressive region of France.    Enjoy France as you have never done before, at a relaxing pace during an unforgettable rivier trip.    France at its best Cruising Canal du Midi means that you will discover one of the most popular w

Cruise the rivers of france aboard a luxury riverboat and experience the rhythm of nature and the goodlife

Cruise the rivers of france aboard a luxury riverboat and experience the rhythm of nature and the goodlife

When I say “River Trip”, many ideas might come to your mind.   Following the course of a river on a bike; renting a small boat and cruising along the rivers and canals; going onboard big river cruisers by renting a cabin; etc.   The concept that we, Bookarivertrip.com, offer is way different as it is much more personalized and exclusive. It is closer to what is called “charter cruising” on the sea, and is basically a fully staffed cruising, with the comfort of a 5-star hotel, along the best river spots in Europe. Read on and get the full experience!     Lets start by explaining you about the rivers.   In Europe, thanks to our old political and economic history, waterways have been used for centuries for transport of goods and people across the continent. That is why the rivers and canals have been built and maintained for navigation, and why they have a very high standard in comparison with those of other continents.   Since 1910 their use has decreased and economic actors have prefe