Barge river cruise down the Ile de France, Champagne or Brie regions

Enjoy a river cruise through the Paris, Champagne or Brie regions on board one of our beautiful barges

It seems as though the whole of France was built according to its wonderful network of rivers. Experience this first hand in romance and style with an incredible cruise down one of her many waterways. As you leisurely float down these rivers, take in the picturesque scenery, the scrumptious food and wines, all while getting exclusive insights on the rich history of France.

There are many rivers in France, with even more possible cruise routes to choose from. Below are just a few of the highlights of what you can experience on a luxury, multi-day cruise in the Ile de France & Paris, Champagne and Grand Est regions in France.

Possible barging Itineraries

Ile de France region - Seine River:  Paris – Les Andelys, Rouen, Honfleur, Caudebe-en-Caux, Vernon, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine

Our fabulous cruise along the Seine starts and ends in the City of Lights, join us, and celebrate all that the Normandy region has to offer. Start your journey along this iconic river, with beautiful Paris as a backdrop. Then once the city has disappeared from view, continue the adventure as you glide peacefully through the Ile de France region.

The medieval capital of Normandy, Rouen, is a popular stop as you can visit the sites of Joan of Arc and the historic Rouen Cathedral. Get a glimpse of WWI battlefields, or opt to stay in town and explore impressionist paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts. The next destination is Honfleur, with its quaint architecture. The famous Normandy beaches are here, along with the site of the D-Day landings. As you cruise into Vernon, relax on deck as the incredible scenery of lush forested hills dotted with ancient castles captivate you.

Lastly, the charming medieval town of Conflans is the location of Auvers-sur-Oise and Vincent van Gogh’s room. Chantilly Castle is another stop, with a guided tour about this magnificent chateau set amidst beautiful park-lands. Then cruise back into Paris to end your water journey.

Along the way, you will be making many stops. Depending on your desires, it can be anything from touring magnificent castles, to exhilarating hiking excursions or meandering through centuries-old villages.

Brie region - Marne River: Reims, Billy le Grand, Conde sur Marne, Epernay, Dormans, Chateau Thierry, Maeaux

With a journey down the Marne River, you will be learning quite a lot about wine growing and champagne production, as your barge cruise takes you past vineyard after vineyard. Begin this captivating trip in Reims, then float down into the tunnel of Billy-le-Grand. Next stop is the Marne valley, traversing eight locks to Conde-sur-Marne. As you cruise into Epernay, the capital city of the Champagne region, visit centuries-old champagne cellars and small champagne houses for a personal tasting, along with some local wine tasting options.

At Dormans, get a wonderful view of the river with the Reims' Mountains as a backdrop. Then enter the Picardy region and your final destination, Chateau Thierry. Here you will find the American WWI monuments and the Belleau Wood memorial site.

Short excursions to historic and picturesque places are scattered throughout this itinerary, with both guided and self-guided options. A notable stop is Champagne Dom Caudron, a unique wine cellar that offers a guided tour of the vineyard. Get to know more about the production of champagne. Have a champagne tasting in paired with fine chocolates of example. Also the Villa Demoiselle, located in Reims, offers visitors an opportunity to tour this grand house-turned-museum, with a blend of art nouveau and art deco styles.

Champagne region - Marne River: Saint Jean Les Deux Jumeaux, Damery, Chalon-en-Champagne

This is another itinerary option that will take your barge down the River Marne and Marne Canal. Float through heavily wooded countryside with adorable villages hugging the shore. Friendly fisherman may just wave to you as you pass by. The Chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte, an enormous private property with grand gardens and an intriguing history is an optional visit. Continue your river cruise to Damery, through scenery that could have been painted by the Impressionists. Vineyards, fields and farmhouses cling to distant hills, while small villages fill the river line.

There are champagne tasting opportunities here as well, as our journey continues to Chalon de Champagne. You can visit the great Reims Cathedral, which is actually larger than the Notre Dame in Paris, where many of the French kings were crowned. A visit to the Archbishops palace will have you stepping back in time.

Picardy region - Somme River: Amiens, Lamotte-Brebière, Beauvais, Corbie, Péronne

The Somme river in the Picardy region holds its own wonderful delights. Your barge voyage along the Somme will take you through cornfields scattered with iconic red poppies and many evocative sights that harken back to the war days. The most striking of which is Sir Edwyn Lutyens’ incredible memorial to 73,000 soldiers missing on the Somme, towering high over the plain at Theipval. The former residence of Jules Verne, the famous science fiction writer who penned ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’, is also here.

The first World War was fought on both sides of the river Somme. Nowadays by boat is one of the best ways to explore these former battlefields.

The rich history goes back much further than just the last century – stretching back into medieval times and the burgeoning of ecclesiastical architecture. The capital of Picardy, Amiens, has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status, with its 13th century cathedral. In the meanwhile your barge will cruises through the Hortillonages, which is a network of small canals bordered by fertile gardens that have been cultivated since the middle ages. Along the way, a side trip to the city of Beauvais (founded by the Romans) is possible, which has direct links with Julius Cesar.

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