About us - Bookarivertrip


Good to have you here. We, as specialist of exceptional niche travel since 2013, presents you with our latest travel concept: Bookarivertrip.com. 'Book a river trip' enables you to discover the huge potential of river cruise holidays in Europe. With its stunning waterways crossing some of Europe's most beautiful landscapes and tourist destinations.

After having launched Bookahouseboat.com, Bookalighthouse.com, Bookatreehouse.com, and Bookaglamping.com in the past years, we agreed that it was time to bring the little known concept of barge river cruises to the wider public. Hop on board and cruise for a minimum of 1 night on an hotel barge with the crew at your full disposal: a chef to cook you local gastronomic dishes, a guide, sometimes with a minivan, to show you around the beautiful historic places we pass and a captain to lead the cruise.

During your holiday, you will discover little known villages, learn about the region’s culture, enjoy the slow pace of river navigation and reconnect with nature and wildlife.


Something that our team has in common with you, is that when we travel we want to do something different and enjoy the best of food and culture. We'd love to take you on a journey to discover places that are not crowded with mass tourism.

Our Bookarivertrip.com team consists of admin/service employees, customers happiness employees and web-development specialists. We are an enthusiastic and pro-active team that is customer and solution-focused. A high degree of personalization, along with the focus on high-quality cruises, allows us to become the perfect booking platform for everyone who loves river cruises and barge experiences!

For this particular platform, we collaborated with an industry expert, Marc. He has worked as a deckhand and skipper on all kinds of boats for many years across the entire globe. Now he lives in the heart of Paris on a riverboat of his own! Now he works in the hospitality industry and knows waterways, barges and their owners perfectly. He will be your preferred intermediary on the other side of this website to make sure you understand all about the adventure you are about to embark on and all your needs will be met!


Let's name a few reasons:

  • Being in the hospitality and holiday rental business for many years, we have a great track record of managing bookings, guests, owners and handling payments.
  • We always make sure the quality of the cruises we offer to you are truly fabulous!
  • Any data you trust us with is safe. We won't use your payment or personal data in any other way than needed relating to your booking.
  • Concerning the river cruises we offer on our platform, we will act before, during and after the cruise as your confidential intermediary, having a neutral stand towards any situation that might arise.

We hope that you, our valued guests, will experience as much fun while staying on a river barge as we do!

Oh, and we welcome feedback. If you have any suggestions, tips or improvements, please contact us.