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    River trip rental Germany

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    If you feel like discovering the real pleasure that lies in an alternative journey on the water, a river cruise can be what you are looking for! Experience the magic of many European cities from a river boat. River cruises can be your ticket away from the busy city and give you a break while enjoying rural landscapes. Take the opportunity to enjoy the amazing countrysides that flourish along the fresh water rivers.


    Germany is the cradle to some of the major rivers in the world. They are widely known not only as an important source of fresh water but also for the many activities that can be enjoyed during a vacation on a river boat. Germany is an ideal country to try your first cruise! Imagine the old days when these rivers connected far away cultures and made it possible to transport exotic spices and products to all over the continent from or to the far East. You can have this same historic experience!


    With Bookarivertrip.com you will discover charming landscapes and experience a fully customized and luxurious river cruise. Based on your preferences, most of our river boats include full catering service to spoil you during the best time of the year: vacation!


    Germany has many rivers, the most famous of which are the Danube, the Rhine and the Elbe.


    Danube River

    The second longest river in Europe takes you on a fascinating cruise while giving a new perspective on the history of the important trade route it once was that connected many European cities. You will be able to choose the length of your journey and pick your favorite destinations in some of the most popular places along this water highway of Europe. Some remarkable places along the Danube are Koblenz and Bingen. Here you can enjoy a range of different landscapes, including medieval castles and lush vineyards as if you were in an old fairy tail!


    The Rhine River

    The Rhine originates from glaciers in eastern Switzerland where two streams meet at Lake Constance to finally end in the North Sea. It played an important role in German history as for over 400 years it constituted the main border between the Roman and Germanic cultures. The river remained one of the most important waterways in the world. Its shores are the view you get when you take a river trip to relax and discover the pleasure of a hot summer break, far from the stress of daily life.


    Elbe River

    The Elbe river is one of the most important rivers of Mid-Europe. Our river cruises takes you through the 'Biosphärenreservat Mittelelbe' al the way up to Hamburg. What a trip!


    Don't miss out on such an experience. Book a river cruise on the waterways of Germany now!