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Have a blog? Earn some commission for linking to us!


The requirements:

  1. You have a blog.
  2. We approve your blog.
  3. The traveller doesn't already have an account with us.

You will earn 15% (with a maximum of €250 per booking) of our booking fee for each booking a traveller makes via our link in your blog article or newsletter.


When you sign up via the form we automatically create an account for you at Tapfiliate.com. As third party they can transparently track all clicks. In their dashboard you'll be able to see the bookings made via your blog and also your earnings. After we've received your registration we'll check your blog and if it fits our profile. If it does, you'll receive a notification by email with your unique link and can start linking to us immediately.


Some additional info:

  • 45 day cookie life time (first party cookie (namely ours)).
  • Any accommodation booked via your partner link is valid, so not only bookings for the one you link to convert for you, but all do.
  • Once a month payouts and no minimum amount is required.


We are looking forward collaborating with you! Contact us if you have any further questions.

Team Booka