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River trip rental France - 29 river trips

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Know a river trip owner in France?
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Average rating of France: 4.9 out of 5 based on 192 reviews.

We offer 29 river trips in France, with a total of 192 sleeps with prices ranging from NaN to NaN per night.

Discover the culture and nature of France during a river cruise

France has many different regions with their own unique characteristics. Exploring all the beauty of this amazing country can be done perfectly by boat. By sailing along the waterways, you are able to see all the different components of this country. We happily tell you more about some waterways and regions that are worth exploring via the water.


Canal du Midi

This canal, which can be found on the Unesco world heritage list, runs from the Atlantic side to the Mediterranean side of France. Sailing the 240 kilometers long canal is perfect to explore the different sides of the South of France. It will take you from Étang de Thau to Toulouse. During the cruise, you will come across fascinating landscapes, such as stunning vineyards, typical French sunflower fields and amazing cities. Take in some culture during a trip to Toulouse, Carcassonne or Narbonne.


North Burgundy

You can find stunning countrysides and historic French heritage in the Burgundy region. The ancient Dukedom of Burgundy is also famous for the many historic villages and cities, such as Dijon and Châteauneuf-en-Auxois. In Northern Burgundy, there are two significant rivers: the Loire and Yonne. The Loire meanders through the Loire Valley, an amazing part of France which can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. River Yonne runs past some classical cities such as Auxerre and Joigny, famous for their dazzling buildings and architecture. Besides River Loire and River Yonne, there are some more amazing waterways waiting to be discovered. Canal de Briare and Canal Nivernais lead you through different sceneries and take you to many lovely towns and cities.


South Burgundy

In the South part of this region, there are three distinctive waterways that are very suitable to discover by boat: the Burgundy Canal heading towards Paris, the Rhône-Rhine Canal, and Canal du Centre. A boat trip on each of these waterways will be all about discovering nature and culture. You will pass many rustic areas, typical French scenery, and historic cities and villages. The Burgundy Canal runs through the Ouche Valley. This valley has amazing panoramic views and will blow your mind with its nature and serenity. The Saône River is a good option for culture ánd fishing lovers!


Champagne region

The place to be for Champagne lovers, but also amazing to explore for every type of voyager: the Champagne region! This region starts around the city of Meaux and ends at the city of Epernay, both connected by the stunning River Marne. This world-famous wine region is (of course) filled with many vineyards and classic French countryside. The waterways in the Champagne region or not crowded, which makes traveling by boat an excellent way to discover this lovely region in peace. The Champagne region is also quite famous for non-liquid delicacies, such as Reims ham and Brie de Meaux cheese. You can find more amazing food at the morning markets in Reims or Épernay. After visiting the marketing in Reims, don’t miss out the UNESCO-listed cathedral.


Paris/Upper Seine Region

The Upper Seine Region is also known as ‘the garden of France’. The picturesque landscapes and countrysides are the reason why. The River Upper Seine flows from Paris to Marcilly and most parts of the river remain unspoiled. A boat tour on this river will let you explore an amazing part of France in a relaxed way. Start your tour in the classic city Paris, where you can see many historic and famous buildings, find some of the best restaurants in Europe or just wander around in this diverse and beautiful city.