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3-night onward cruise on the Canal du Midi, fully crewed and you decide on the planning

Cruise on our Barge from Béziers to Carcassonne, and discover the wonders of the Canal du Midi

Excellent! 5/5 (26 reviews)


  • Your money is safe, we pay your host 2 days after check-in.
  • 100% refund in the unlikely event the host cancels.
  • Changing booking details is always free.
  • Access to urgent phone line during your booking.
  • Book Co2 positive, we compensate 3 times more than we emit.

River trip highlights

  1. Discover the Canal du Midi at your rythm on our beautiful barge
  2. Enjoy the advices and recomendations of our 2 person crew
  3. Visit two cities rich in history; Carcassonne and Béziers
  1. Discover small villages along the route, with morning cruises
  2. Enjoy the beautiful views on the countryside from the canal
  3. Communicate with us in advance to personalize your stay

River trip summary

Where will we cruise together 

Our cruise will bring you from Carcasonne to Béziers, two cities with an incredibly rich history, gastronomic diversity and activities to offer. In between the two, you will be cruising along with small villages, that have made their fame through the centuries for the know-hows and their particularities.

We will cruise in between 2 and 5 hours every morning, while the rest of the day will be spent as you intend it; activities, relaxing, visits, sports, etc.


How do we cruise together

Our gîte formula for 6 to 12 people gives you the privacy you want, you don't have to share with other passengers.

For 7 days / 6 nights of navigation, this specially adapted barge allows you the freedom to organize your stay as you choose.

Your barge glides along the canal every day, thanks to the crew who steer for you. You can participate in alongside them and assist in the different maneuvers.

Your navigation timetable is fixed in advance but can be modified in agreement with the crew.

We're old hands on the waterways and we can give you help on how best to organize your holiday to enjoy it to the full, avoiding the pitfalls that novices often encounter. Not forgetting all the tips that we can share with you!


Self-catering formula ;

All along the way, there are little markets and small, local grocery stores that are ideal for your daily shopping.

If you so wish we can plan an itinerary that includes a stopover in the evening near a restaurant.


*Note that this trip is available either for 3 nights/4 days,  6nights/7days or 12 nights/13 days. Do a normal inquiry and a Bookarivertripcom agent will contact you to discuss your cruise!

River trip description

Day 1-Sunday: Arrival onboard at Carcassonne (Trèbes), discovering the town!

  • After meeting at Carcasone, a town rich in history and patrimony, we will go the boat that is moored at Trèbes, 7 km from Carcassone. There, you will have the choice in between staying on board (we can organize drinks and food for you on request for an extra) or going to Carcassonne for the evening and chose a restaurant from a list we have.
  • We will also recommend special places to visit and activities to do in Carcassonne for the rest of the day.


Day 2-Monday: Cruise from Carcassonne (Trèbes) to Puicheric

  • In the morning, without some of you noticed, we will be on our way to our next destination, the charming town of Puicheric. It will be one of our longest laps, with about 5 hours cruise. During that time, you can sleep, relax on the deck, cook and eat, or even follow the barge on the sideways of the canal using one of the bikes we have available for you (no worries, we cruise in between 3 and 5 km/h along that route).
  • Puichéric is a charming town Minervois with just over 1,000 inhabitants. With its history and its traditions, wine is the main activity. From a geographic standpoint, Puichéric is nicknamed the Venice of the Minervois. Indeed, no fewer than three rivers crisscross the territory of the municipality: the Canal du Midi, Aude and finally Rigole (which also crosses the pond to dry Marseillette), thus offering picturesque landscape. This town has all the shops you might need and two very good restaurants. 
  • Visit Puichéric through his castle: The castle first Puichéric, probably dates from the 6th or 7th century. The rock Puichéric, an outcrop of excellent building stone had to immediately attract the attention of the conquering Visigoths (412).
  • Some activities can be organized for you, such as canoe sessions, excursions to Caunes-Minervois, and more.


Day 3-Tuesday: Cruise from Puicheric to Homps

  • Again, we will be cruising in the morning, but this time 3 and a half hours. This will bring us to our next destination, the village of Homps.
  • Formerly a place of passage of tin in the third century before Christ, the village of Homps was one of the places of important steps of the old Roman road between the Corbières and the Minervois. Also a long-time high place of wine transport, it has always lived to the rhythm of its port and its boaters. The completion of the Canal du Midi at the end of the seventeenth century allowed him especially to experience an economic boom of great importance.
  • Always a place of production of great wines such as Minervois (AOC), Languedoc (AOC) or Coteaux-de-Peyriac, the town of Homps also attracts visitors with its special charm, its landscapes, and its cultural heritage.
  • There, we can also organize some activities for you, such as the visit of an original wooden canal barge that used to transport goods in the 18th and 19th centuries, and of the wine granary of Ventenac winemakers. You can also go to the village of Minerve, where you can find restaurants, shops, and cellars to buy some good wines.

Day 4-Wednesday: Cruise from Homps to Le Somail

  • Today, we will cruise 4 and a half hours to reach Le Somail! During this cruise, you can ask us all the questions about navigation, life on riverboats, as we are professional passenger transporters for decades in the family.
  • Before or after the cruise, we can help you in organizing an excursion to Narbonne's traditional market, or visit a winemaker for understanding the processes and have some wine! In Le Somail, we can visit a village of potters (Amphipolis) or the agricultural cooperative of the Oulibo at Cabezac. In both places, you will find many restaurants, shops, and supermarkets to get all the local products you might want.
  • At the Le Somail hamlet, a legendary port of call on the Canal du Midi, several buildings can be found dating back to the era in which Pierre Paul Riquet undertook the construction of the Canal (17th Century): the Steersmen’s (‘nautoniers’) and Travellers’ Chapel, the stone bridge, the inn, the warehouses and the ice house (the only remaining ice house on the entire Canal).

Day 5-Thursday: Cruise from Le Somail to Capestang

  • After our morning cruise (you start to be used to it now!), we will arrive at the town of Capestang, harbor to many houseboats and their owners, and very charming little village. There, many activities can be organized, such as the archeological visit of Oppidum, guided tour of Capestang and of its important sites, and rich diversity of shops with crafted products.
  • The Collegiate Church Saint-Etienne (Historic Monument), a magnificent example of Southern Gothic (XIVth century), surprises by its airs of the cathedral and its incompletion.
  • The castle (historical monument), vast residence, was the secondary residence of the archbishops of Narbonne. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, two of them built a magnificent ceremonial room for the reception, of which it preserves today besides very beautiful murals a magnificent painted ceiling illustrating around scenes of couples, caricatures or animals, the talent of the artists of the Middle Ages.

Day 6-Friday: Cruise from Capestang to Béziers

  • Cruising today will take place in two laps;
  • a first one going from Capestang to Colombiers, before stopping for some lunch and activities, and a second one going from Colombiers to Béziers.
  • In Colombiers, you can take some time to quietly walk in the towns, discover the landscapes, and enjoy some drinks at the bars with view on the canal.The locality developed in ancient times when inhabitants of the nearby Ensérune Oppidum came to settle in the plain along the Domitia Way that connects Rome to the Iberian Peninsula via Gaul. Then a fortified castrum is built during the High Middle Ages, and Colombiers becomes a prosperous lordship. Its territory of 10 km⊃2; is enriched during the drying of the pond Montady in the thirteenth century. The development of viticulture and the creation of the Canal du Midi support the good economic health of the village.
  • In the evening, you will have the occasion to enjoy the city of Bezier, and the amazing food it has to offer in its local restaurants! View from the top of the city is just stunning as you will see.

Day 7-Saturday: Day of departure, from Béziers

  • Unfortunately, it's already our last day, and your day of departure, before we start our way back to Carcassonne with our new guests on board. But good news, we will leave you in Béziers, which has lots to offer!
  • Throughout Languedoc, Béziers is known for two things in particular: wine and bullfighting. Undoubtedly the best time to visit this town, which sits atop a rocky spur overlooking the great plain of the Hérault département, is during the four-day long feria when you can combine both! Béziers is also perfectly situated for excursions into the Haut Languedoc, a rugged and untamed mountainous region of picturesque stone villages and cascading mountain streams. Although this is one of the smaller and poorer towns of the region, time here is rarely wasted and an amble through the old town, bordered on three sides by the Orb river and a canal, is extremely agreeable. It’s also worth noting that Béziers is off most tourist agendas, so if you’re looking for a taste of the real Languedoc, you could do worse than spend a night or two here.
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Payment policy

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Security deposit

Not required

Check in/out time

Check in between 11:00 and 17:00.

Check out before 12:00.


6 Bedrooms, 12 Sleeps

  • King size beds: 1
  • Twin beds (2 linked single beds): 5

All the rooms are bright and comfortable, they are equipped with a porthole, natural ventilation, and central heating.
For your stay, we provide you with a set of linen per person with 2 towels.
Your beds are made upon your arrival.

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Number of bathrooms: 4
Number of en-suite bathrooms: 3
Number of toilets: 4

Type of experience

Rural / countryside
Historic / sightseeing
Nightlife / party
Town / city

Sporting / adventure
Gastronomy / foody
Nature / wildlife

Outdoor facilities

Terrace / balcony
Outside shower

Sun loungers
Airport collection available


Central heating

Heating / cooling

Electric fans


Languages spoken onboard




Walking / hiking


Horse riding
Cycling / mountain biking
Kayak / canoë

Farm visit
Nature observation
Dining table & chairs


Fully equipped kitchen
Microwave / oven
Washing machine
Linen provided
Towels provided

Beach towels provided
Hair dryer
Bath and body products
TV / DVD / movies available


Music-sound system / CD player
Books and magazines

Board games


River trip owner


After some learning as sailors on barges of the south, we bought this barge. In 1976, we embraced the profession of river transport of goods by joining the Cooperative of Fluvial Transport du Midi 6 bis Port Saint Sauveur in Toulouse. Our family grew in May 1986 with the arrival of Maurine, our daughter who grew up aboard the boat and thus became a boatman during our travels. A lot of water poured under the bridges and after 42 years of being skippers, the parents withdrew to let Maurine take the helm and leave for other adventures. She will be pleased to welcome you on board and to help you discover the waterways we love so much. Onboard, the layout allows everyone to live in privacy. The crew is fully autonomous for its meals and accommodation, it has housing at the back of the houseboat with an independent entrance.

Response time
Normally within 48 hours
Language spoken
French, English, German, Spanish

26 Reviews - 3-night onward cruise on the Canal du Midi, fully crewed and you decide on the planning

Excellent! 5/5

  1. TOCHE - France

    04 Jun

    With its 130 years the barge is very well maintained, spacious and tasteful! Show original

    With its 130 years the barge is very well maintained, spacious and in good taste.
    All the comforts are there. The bridge allows you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape while resting. And at night it allows great evenings. Hats off to the boatwoman Maurine and her second sailor for their welcome and availability.
    Nathalie and Olivier

    Show original
  2. Anne et Jean K - Germany

    11 Jun

    It was a great pleasure to navigate, sliding peacefully on the waters of the beautiful Canal du Midi Show original

    It was a great pleasure to navigate by sliding peacefully on the waters of the beautiful Canal du Midi between the majestic plane trees and passing with ease each lock, to explore by bike or on foot the countryside and riverside villages, to taste foie gras and duck confit , cassoulet following Sylvette and Pierre's recipes, the robust wines of Minervois. Very pleasant life on board thanks to particularly adapted fittings. The kitchen is surprisingly spacious, very well equipped. The furniture and decoration are very successful, both simple and refined! For us who own a boat and have already experienced the canal, it was a discovery of pure pleasure on the water, without the responsibility.
    Thanks to Pierre the Captain and Sylvette for their warm and discreet company.

    Show original
  3. Philippe C

    26 Jun

    Appreciating the day that passes over the water is a rediscovery of life! Show original

    Thanks to Maurine, Sylvette and Pierre
    Appreciating the day that passes over the water is a rediscovery of life.
    If some had a priori to be bored, this one disappeared completely well before the end of the stay of one week. The landscapes can be devoured by the eyes, the towpath can be traveled by bike or on foot. The locks punctuate the journey, and the stops chosen are as many quality breaks as they are aquatic charms. the "bosses" were able to make us taste 2 regional dishes humm!
    our friends still drool over it. (we were 12 ..)
    The comfort has nothing to envy to the cottages, and if that can reassure, it does not move on board and seasickness, it is not here that it should be sought. (sailor's faith).
    The only downside is when we had to leave the edge after a week and leave our discreet and warm hosts.
    Try the experience on board, the address is good.

    Show original
  4. Pichon Q - Spain

    01 Jun

    All the comfort is on this barge, nothing is missing! Show original

    What a wonderful stay where we forget everything so much peace and serenity reigns on this barge in the heart of nature and soothing landscapes.
    All the comfort is on this barge, nothing is missing!
    Thank you to Maurine and Marin for welcoming us with discretion and professionalism and for supporting us?
    To do and redo without hesitation! Well done !
    Seb and Marie

    Show original
  5. Dédé L - France

    06 Jun

    The delicate and peaceful landscapes leading us from lock to lock and from discovery to discovery! Show original

    Like the barge on the Canal du Midi, the images of our walk along the water will float in my memories for a long time. The delicate and peaceful landscapes leading us from lock to lock and from discovery to discovery. Thank you Pierre and Sylvette, for having delighted us with your kindness, your availability, your knowledge of the canal and the region (and not only), your humor and of course your tasty dishes. Our group of 12 friends took a real pleasure in sharing your passion and discussing with you. I highly recommend the trip, it is only happiness. Thanks again.

    Show original
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