Terms and conditions operator 23

Terms and conditions operator 23


Reservations, booking and payment:


1) The first person on the form, further called the client, signs the form and accepts these general conditions for all persons listed.
2) Except for special conditions, mentioned on the form and signed by both parties, only the general conditions mentioned below are applicable.

3) By signing the form, the client declares to have read and to accept the general conditions.
4) A reservation becomes a booking only after receipt of the signed reservation form and payment of 30% of the price. Upon receipts of the payment, a confirmation is sent by the skipper to the client. The full amount is due 90 days before the departure of the cruise. If the balance is not paid in time, the booking is canceled.

5) The skipper can refuse a booking without giving motivation.




6) If the client has to cancel the cruise, he informs the skipper immediately in writing. For cancellation up to 90 days before departure, a minimum of €250 / person is charged. Canceling less than 90 days before departure results in a repay of 50% of the deposited amount, but only on condition of new bookings.

For a canceling less than 30 days before departure no refund can be obtained and the full amount is due.

7) Changing the date after booing confirmation is received results in a cancellation except if the skipper can change the cruise to the new date.

8) If for reasons beyond the control of the skipper, the ship is not available, he will try to find another ship with the same capacity and comfort. If this is not possible, the full amount paid will be refunded without any additional compensation.

9) The skipper does all that is possible to make the cruise as planned. He has full responsibility and can, due to external circumstances, decide to change a cruise or provide an alternative program. He is not responsible and no remuneration or compensation is paid if the trip can not be made due to repairs, strikes, flooding, drought or other external conditions for which he can not be held responsible.

10) The skipper has the right to end the voyage for a person or group if this person or group endangers the ship, the equipment or other guests by not respecting the rules or advice of the skipper. For the same safety reasons, people under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be removed from the ship at the first possible stop. There will be no compensation for these interruptions of the cruise.


Complaints and changes:


11) The skipper and crew do all possible to offer their guests a comfortable and relaxing cruise. In case the client has any complaints, he will report them to the skipper immediately with written details so the skipper can investigate and react accordingly. Complaints should be made within 28 days after the cruise to be accepted.

12) It is unlikely that a planned cruise must be changed. Some- times, the skipper has to alter the voyage and he has the full right to do so. Alterations can be the change of route, change of dates, change of departure and arrival places, change of region to cruise. The skipper will inform the client as soon as possible of any of these changes.

13) In case of disputes, only Belgian law is applicable before the courts of Bruges or another court of choice of the skipper. The Dutch text of the general conditions has precedence over any translation.

14) Website and folders are made with care. The owners can not be held responsible for any errors, mistakes, or unforeseen changes.


Insurances and price changes


15) There is an all-risk insurance for the ship and a civil liability insurance for the skipper and crew to the customers. There is no insurance for the civil liability or the personal belongings of the clients. Travel insurance is thus highly advisable. If the client has no travel insurance, he will not hold the skipper responsible for any costs involved in personal loss.

16) If between booking and departure date, prices increase for fuel, wages, transportation costs, taxes, harbor fees, ... the skipper has the right to increase the cruise price. Only price increases of 2% or more are calculated. After payment of the balance, no further price increases will be made.